Positive Challenge, Positive Growth…

GenY Alive Challenge Club is based off a simple idea:

You must challenge yourself to see personal growth. Too often we are stagnant in our lives, creating “ruts” and thus, frustration.

I promise you, small challenges leads to big breakthroughs. This is created to be your catalyst to bigger things.

Here is how it works:

Once every week (or two) you will receive an email with  “challenge” that is designed to help you improve. You then take the specific action within your life.

These simple challenges inspire positive action and growth in your life. If you commit to the process of challenging yourself, you will grow.

You have the option to interact and share with others who are doing the same challenge, or you can keep to yourself. Whatever works best for you.

Don’t you want to avoid being “stuck?” If you want to continually evolve and improve, then this is for you…

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Dip Your Toes…

By taking on different challenges, you will adopt and improve your “growth mindset.” You may not adopt every challenge into your life permanently, but I guarantee you will find at least 1 challenge that will change you.

This is only for those who appreciate a positive influence

If you commit to the process of challenging yourself, you will…

Grow yourself

Improve your:
– Productivity
– Perspective
– Patience
– Learning skills
– General knowledge
– and more!

When you step outside your comfort zone and try new things, it is amazing how you can grow!

Grow your business

If you own your own business, you understand that you lead your team, your field and your customers.

When you challenge yourself and therefore grow/improve,  your business is a direct beneficiary of those efforts. The personal benefits bleed into your business.

(If you haven’t started a business, that’s ok too!)

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many kinds of challenges: but they will center around improving your daily life. Ex, productivity, gratefulness, connections with people etc.
Yes, any time. This a free community that is meant to inspire positive action. If you choose to no longer be involved, that is fine!


At most, once every week or so, depending on the challenge. I will not overwhelm you with too many challenges, as it is important to take the right amount of time to implement them.
For growth oriented business owners and individuals who value constant, steady improvement. The question you need to ask yourself is, “Do I want to be in exactly the same spot tomorrow, next week/year, ect.???

Values of GYA Challenge Club

We Focus On The Positive

We Adopt An Open Mind

We are Growth Oriented

We Have Fun

Examples of Challenges

Commit 30 extra minutes a day to read a non-fiction book.

(Skill and Habit Development)

How this helps...

Learn from someone else perspective and begin to build the habit of daily learning...

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Express gratitude to 3 different people this week

(Connection and Perspective)

How this helps

Reconnect with someone who has helped you. It will re-kindle or grow the relationship while provided perspective in your daily struggles

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Join the GenY Alive Challenge Club Below. (100% Free, NO SPAM)

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