Find Your Passion: Featured Business w/Dan Cumberland

So I have a quick story to tell before we go into our featured profile with Dan Cumberland.

Before I started GenYAlive, I was running 3 different businesses simultaneously: 1 that, to be fair, I HATED. Although revenues were increasing, working within this business made me incredibly unhappy. I wasn’t exercising, I constantly cranky, I drank more, and frankly, I was a worse person with this business.

And I couldn’t delegate the elements I hated because the financials were not even close to supporting that.

So I decided to shut it down.

Because of the bad taste left in my mouth (and the general feeling of failure), I decided that my next project would be something that I truly enjoyed. Something that I was passionate about. Not a bad place to start, right?

I researched “how to find your passion” only to find thin blog articles, and unpractical ideas on how they would be financially viable (no one is going to pay me watch sports and drink beer. If you find someone who will, please let me know ASAP).

Simply put, the “Find Your Passion” field was littered with junk.

I eventually got my mind straight, with me walking down the path I am now. But it took WAY too long.

So recently I was reading some articles online, and I stumbled upon one of Dan’s articles. It more than got my interest, as it was the perspective I had always been looking for. It was different, as it positioned passion in a different light. What i was reading was so much better than what I had read before!

I wish I had found Dan’s advice when I was struggling, because I would have been able to get on the right path 3x as quick. So I wanted to pass on this resource to you, the reader, hoping that if you are stuck and need to “Find Your Passion,” you start here.

And even if you are working in your dream job/business now, I would recommend reading Dan’s work to keep your fire burning.

I’m happy that I recently got a chance to chat with Dan. You can tell he loves what he does and he loves helping people. Enjoy!

– Grant Pettegrew

“There are very few people who possess tremendous creative vision and also know how to bring it to life. Dan Cumberland is one of those rarities.”

Ben Arment
Author of Dream Year

Welcome to a new featured business. GenY Alive is here to help you thrive, connect, challenge yourself and you grow your business.

It is helpful to learn from other successful millennial entrepreneurs who have followed their passion and created their own business. Dan Cumberland is a perfect example of someone who has taken action and built a business around his passion.

Because of his high quality work and the thoroughness, he is even an occasional contributor to and other sites

Brief excerpt about specific featured business.

Featured Business: The Meaning Movement

How The Meaning Movement came to be…

“If I want to help people, I am going to have to do it on my own”

Dan Cumberland

Summary of interview (why they started, what they struggles with, etc.)

Quick Tip:

When you’re not sure what to do next, look at your past and what has been important and meaningful to you. That will lead you to your next step.

Recommended Book(s):

What to do when it’s your turn – Seth Godin


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