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Millennial Entrepreneur and creator of GenYAlive.com. He is passionate about helping other Gen Y entrepreneurs.

Simply put, GenYAlive is a place for Millennial Entrepreneurs to learn, thrive, and connect.

But, I have had people ask me “who, exactly, are you creating this site for?” It’s a simple, yet very important question, because this site is not for every kind of millennial entrepreneur.

It is is for those who:

  • Want to create something of value (or already have)
  • Feel they were meant for something different
  • Work hard and don’t expect a “magic bullet”
  • Have integrity
  • See the benefit in continually challenging themselves
  • See the benefit in connecting with other’s like them

GenYAlive readers are those within our generation who has loudly said we want a choice. A choice to create our ideal lifestyle by creating a business that creates huge value in other people’s lives. We don’t want the established life cycle. To get a job, get promoted, hope to save enough, and retire.

The choice to run your own business and be your own boss creates immense responsibility, but also opportunity. GenYAlive is for those who embrace learning, self-improvement, and opportunities.

It’s your choice.

Yes, you will learn valuable information and perspectives on the site. All from multiple experts. But the content is focused on constructing opportunity, community, and improvement.

And it’s about finding or (re-finding) your passion and purpose, then leveraging it the best way possible.

Why? This is what happens when you find your passion and purpose:

  • You become compelling and magnetic
  • Your enthusiasm saturates into other areas of your life
  • Decisions become clear
  • Distractions become easier to combat

GenYAlive is a place to cultivate that passion into your business project.

It is for those who recognize the MANY benefits of owning your own business.

  • The challenge
  • No boredom!
  • The constant change
  • Developing your own personal routine and balance
  • The fun!
  • The MONEY that allows you to live the lifestyle you want

Why GenYAlive and GenYAlive Insiders is helpful:

  • Provides support/structure for positive ambitious Gen Y’ers
  • Creates another “team” for you to leverage
  • Guidance
  • Gives you feedback and a place where someone will listen
  • Help you network with relevant and helpful people
  • Promote balance

So welcome to GenYAlive. We are glad you are here.

Join GenYAlive Insiders (free) today to get access to exclusive reports, videos, etc and learn how I grew my business 451% in the middle of a recession. And you will join a community of millennial entrepreneurs just like you and me.

Or if you have a perspective or a story that you would like to contribute. Go to www.genyalive.com/contribute.

Let’s get to work.

– Grant Pettegrew

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