What you will find on GenYAlive.com

What you will find on GenYAlive.com

Best articles of the week, month, etc.  – There is value in being able to consolidate all of the info out there. Here we will sort through the junk, fluff, etc. and recommend quality timely articles for you so you don’t have to venture out too far in the internet wasteland. This will save you time, energy, frustration.

Personal posts (from Grant)  – My experience can help you! I have started 4 different businesses, succeeded and failed, read MANY books, been to conferences, watched webcasts, listened to audio courses etc. Although I am not perfect, I love to learn and share and  my perspective on a wide range of topics can help.

Guest post – We can all learn from others experiences, opinions, failures, successes, etc. whether it is from other bloggers, entrepreneurs, or someone else. With that being said, we will be vetting and ensuring articles are valuable for our readers. This site will be made of multiple perspectives.

if you would like to contribute – click here.

Interactive posts – FAQ’s. Individual question and answers. Share your experiences. Etc. The GenYAlive community will be built on engagement and connection.

Quotes – Quick snippets to help inspire through the week. 1 simple quote can help provide perspective, motivation, gratitude etc. Share these with friends! Post them on your twitter, Facebook, etc. A well timed quote can completely change and improve someone’s day.

Pictures – Visual medium of quick snippets. For the same reason we have quotes.

Valuable Videos – Produced to help you better understand a certain topic. Some lessons are better learned visually.

Stories – Successes, struggles, breakthroughs, check-ins etc. GenYAlive is a community that will be constantly evolving because of the stories that our members share.

Behind the Scenes – What’s going on at GenYAlive.com. This project will have it’s own successes and struggles. You can peak “behind the curtain” and learn something that you can apply to your own project!

Let me know what you want to see! Tweet @GrantPettegrew or leave a comment below. This site is for you, so help me help you.

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Millennial Entrepreneur and creator of GenYAlive.com. He is passionate about helping other Gen Y entrepreneurs.

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