The Start of Challenge

Do you embrace challenge?

Do you have a growth oriented mind-set and are you constantly looking to improve. Then we are alike.

I have written about the importance of challenge in your life. Even including a specific equation. And I have consistently and simply stated that improving yourself will improve your business.

The devotion of progressing in your personal life will bleed over into your business, as many personal skills will drive your business forward regardless of industry. I am speaking of:

  • Productivity
  • Focus
  • Getting outside your comfort zone
  • Commitment to education
  • and more

Challenge is the first step towards consistent steady improvement. It is the catalyst that sparks future success. And because of this, I have chosen to focus on the simple idea of challenging millennial entrepreneurs.

So consider this the start of the challenge.

This is the start of GenY Alive Challenge Club. A program that is completely free for anyone who desires a community that challenges you to become a better version of you.

Here is how it works:

Every week or two I will send out a challenge on email, in the blog, and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The challenge will be simple and easy to implement.

Ex: Commit to 30 extra minutes a day to read a non-fiction book. 


Express gratitude to 3 different people this week via phone or in person

The community will help you stay focused on the little things that help us improve.

It is up to you to commit to the challenge. But you can interact with me and other people who will be going through the challenge.

Consider in it a “positive push.”  It will allow you to dip your toe in the water, and the GenY Alive Challenge Club community will keep you moving forward and accountable.

Who is this for?

Positive, growth, oriented people who have an open mind and are willing to try something new. You must be willing to step outside your comfort zone.

Now, because I am an entrepreneur, I may approach these challenges with that in the back of my mind, but anyone who desires to grow will benefit from this.

How can I start? 

Sign up here! (NO Spam, of course)

I look forward to you joining, getting started, and seeing the improvement in your life. In my experience, my businesses, my life was always better when I was intentionally challenging myself on a regular basis. There is a quiet confidence that grows from this habit and I wish the same for you.

Let me know if you have any questions and I strongly encourage you to get started today. Let’s get the challenges going!

– Grant

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