Simple Tip: Systemize to Make Your Decisions Easier

Want to improve your business and your day to day stress? Now is the time to begin systemizing your business and your common communications.

As a normal person in this world, we are inundated with choices and decisions. Choices on what to eat, on routes to work , on who to associate and spend out time with. As a business owner, your choices only increase. Choices on company direction, communication, marketing, sales, and more.

This is not a complaint, rather a simple observation that warrants a simple tip:

Systemize aspects of your business to decrease your choices and decisions and make your days easier.

What to systemize:

  • Easily repeatable communications
  • Tasks outside your core competency

The first refers to simple communications with customers and vendor that are easily repeatable. Like welcome letters, reminder emails, etc. Think of tasks you do repeatedly that are somewhat similar. You can easily systemize and delegate them, without sacrificing much value in your business.

The second refers to anything beyond what you are skilled at. If your core competency is marketing, then systemize everything outside of that realm, such as operations, product development etc. Systemizing area’s outside your core competency will allow you to still be in the loop and in control on the aspects of business you are not the best at.

I have run multiple service businesses, and the objection from my peers is usually along the lines of “systemizing will make my communications less personal, therefore I will hurt my client relationships.” I am glad they are thinking this way, as service business can set themselves apart with their personality and personal touch.

And although the concept of not hurting your client relations is sound, it is misplaced. Systemization doesn’t need to hurt customer relations. It actually helps, because you put forth a common message that is understood throughout your customer base. When you do want to personalize, the key is to know when it is best to provide a personal addition within your system to individualize and increase the value. Ask yourself, what part of the system can and should be personalized?

How to systemize:

Write out the detailed process as if you were to do it today and:

  • Delegate the process to employee
  • Delegate the process to a reliable freelances
  • Use technology, such as an email autoresponder or other software

Leverage all 3 to maximize results.

What this will do:

  • Free up your day
  • Allow you to spend time on what matters
  • Allow you to spend time on what you excel at (core competency)

I bet if you spend 5-10 minutes combing over your common tasks you can easily find 1-3 things to systemize quickly. Build from there and you will soon start working on what matter most in your business.


Let’s get to work,

– Grant Pettegrew

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