Challenge: How to Get Started on Your Passion

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Millennial Entrepreneur and creator of GenYAlive.com. He is passionate about helping other Gen Y entrepreneurs.

As you may know, GenY Alive will be creating simple challenges that create positive results in your daily life. This is the nudge you need to take the small steps towards living a more positive life. I recommend that you try the challenge for at least 7 days, but it is up to you how long you want to continue.

Listen to yourself and be aware of how these challenges affect other aspects of your life. If you see value in continuing, great! If not, then you will have stepped outside your comfort zone and learned something new. Either way, you win.

If you haven’t signed up for challenges yet, go here. Otherwise good luck, keep your mind open, and enjoy!

So let’s get to this challenge…


Problem: “I don’t have the time to work on ______.” You feel like the days slip away from you and you rarely move closer to your ultimate goal, whether it is to be a best selling author, create a new business, or something else. Too often we get locked into a routine that inhibits our ability to start something new.

Simple solution: Create the time and schedule it in.


The Challenge: Get up 1 Hour Earlier and Spend the Extra Time Working on Your Passion

To be clear, you need to get up and get working almost immediately. Don’t spend the extra time making your morning routine longer. Let’s get up and start working on what you have been putting off. That way, there is no way you are not working on your big idea, your ultimate goal that day.

This can include:

– The business project you’ve been meaning to start

– The book you have been meaning to write

– The home learning course you have yet to finish
Yes you may be tired. Oh well.  The satisfaction of consciously moving towards your goal will be worth it. I guarantee, you will not regret getting up early if you are working on what you really want to work on.


What I will be working on:

A marketing organization curriculum that I will be teaching/sharing soon via online and in person. It’s a comprehensive course that has expanded and evolved as I have learned new things within my other businesses.


Side note: All it says is to get up 1 hour earlier. When you go to sleep is up to you. But it may create a better routine, where you go to bed earlier and wake up.

Potential side benefit: Starting your day with a win. By immediately starting on your #1 project, you will feel a sense of accomplishment by the time you are normally waking up.


Enjoy you challenge. Let’s get to work!

– Grant Pettegrew


P.s. Let me know how the challenge is going.  I like to hear feedback.



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