Best Articles for Gen Y – 5/8/15

If you are looking for some good articles to read over the weekend, look no further.

GenYAlive wants to lead millennials to the best info out there. We will provide links to articles, books, podcast, etc., helping you sort through the junk. Enjoy.


How to Become a Master Networker – Business Insider

Valuable info-graphic for simple networking tips. Good reminders.


Wearing a Suit Makes You Feel More Powerful –

We may be getting to casual. There are many benefits of dressing well.


Billionaire’s 5 Best Productivity Tips for Millennials  – Business Insider

Clear advice on how to take control of your day.


If You Want Greatness, Take Responsibility – Entrepreneur 

Key lesson in life. Includes 3 steps.


Enjoy your weekend!

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