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Have you ever made it to 2:30pm and realized you haven’t really done anything? Maybe you have completed a few small inconsequential tasks, but you feel like your day has been wasted?

You sit back and think, “how did the day fly by?”

I have a simple solution for you to feel better about your productivity and yourself.

Start with a win.

When you start with a simple win, you figuratively get the ball rolling and you can create real momentum for your day. You can avoid the feeling that you have accomplished nothing.

After getting your “win,” you then move as quickly as possible into whatever project is the most important for your day. Leverage that focus and sense of accomplishment you gained into starting crucial tasks.

Ideas for your Win:

  • Read
  • Write 5-15 ideas
  • Make your ideal healthy breakfast
  • Plan your day
  • Exercise

Please don’t feel limited to this list. You can make up your own win. Whatever you choose, just keep it simple. All you are looking to do is get your mind in the right state.

If possible, your choice for your first win will align with your goals. For example, if you are a writer/blogger, taking 15-30 minutes to read an author that you admire. This will get your mind in the right mindset to begin writing.

Or if you are a nutrition consultant, eating a healthy, delicious breakfast will remind you why you are so passionate about your work.

Important notes:

  • Get it done within the first hour after waking. Ideally within the first 15 minutes.
  • Take a moment to feel good about your win. Let that dopamine get to work.

Try it for 15-20 days in a row and record how you feel and how your days go.  You will be able to see how starting with a win can change your entire day.

Let’s get to work,

– Grant Pettegrew


P.s. Reading business books is my go to win. It helps me focus. Plus I always have a big list of books to read and it helps me work on getting that widdled down.


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