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How did the last challenge go? If you did not participate, the (simple challenge) was to create and schedule smart phone refuge time, allowing us to escape distractions and begin working on what is most important.

You can always find value in reflection/reviewing. As John C. Maxwell  said in his “How successful people grow” book, “Learning to pause allows growth to catch up with you.”

So as a follow up to the challenge last week, let’s take a brief amount of time to review.

To start, this was a VERY simple challenge that did not exactly stretch me very much personally, yet the consistent value is evident.

How did it go? 

Easy but valuable.

Although it does take discipline to ignore the technology (that is always so close), it is not overly difficult. I mean 12 years ago I didn’t even have a cell phone. Taking the time to focus on work and not what is changing on my phone should be an essential skill for all.

Be intentional with your time and your decisions

Focus is and always will be a valuable skill.

Did it help with productivity?

Yes. Having 1 thing and 1 thing only to divert my attention to created a more effluent work time.

Side benefit:

Any time away from small pleasures like phones, gives you time to appreciate them more. Spending time on the phone after ignoring it for a few hours feels more like a reward and I earned it, rather than an addiction. I felt better about my phone time, because of my discipline with my phone time.

Would I do it again or keep it going?

To be honest, this should just be recognized as a normal part of life. I would encourage all to devote significant time away from technology.

With that being said, I can always improve. I am not saying that I have reached peaked productivity. I am still distracted by my phone.  But, I will be intentional with controlling my distractions, especially during my work hours.

I hope it worked for you and you got work done!


Up next:

A different way to plan your work time, aka The “tomato” challenge…


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