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Time to review the last challenge, which if you did not participate was to handwrite DRM sales copy to better ingrain it into our mental systems, allowing us to better understand how to write words that persuade and sell.

As I have said before, you can always find value in reflection/reviewing. As John C. Maxwell  said in his “How successful people grow” book, “Learning to pause allows growth to catch up with you.”

So as a follow up to the challenge last week, let’s take a brief amount of time to review.

To start, I chose one of the hardest pieces of sales copy to write. It was a 20 page booklet sent to me by a marketing guru I follow. Why? It was a great piece that I had saved in my swipe file (file of sales copy to review) and I decided I would challenge myself.

How did it go? Simply put, it was hard. I haven’t written by hand this much since high school. And I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a hand cramp or two.

But in general, the process was overly positive! To slow down and really analyze what a writer is trying to do is a great way to 1)learn about copywriting and 2)get into the copywriting mindset yourself. I found myself coming up with great ideas, and I would hop on the computer and begin to type away with little delay after a good 10-15 minute session of handwriting.

I will be keeping that benefit in the back of my mind…

Did it help with “rhythm” as suggested?

Yes a litte, but to be honest it was so slow having to handwrite it that it was difficult to find that “rhythm.” Since DRM copywriting is commonly viewed as “talking” to the reader, it was difficult slowing it down that much.

Did it help with creating my own sales copy?

Yes, very much so. Since it WAS so slow, I was easily able to recognize the purpose and “tricks” behind almost every sentence. And I wrote notes in the side column so I could go back and review. For example, I would write “problem building/building rapport and authenticity” as the writer was discussing a personal story about their previous struggles.

Would I do it again or keep it going?

Yes. Definitely to get into the groove of writing. It will be my warm-up from here on out. I don’t think I will make this a daily practice because of the time committed, but I can see the value of returning to it in the future.


Up next:

A refuge from the biggest source of distraction. It will be a “focus” challenge…



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