Challenge: Smartphone Refuge

Last challenge, we hand wrote sales copy to improve our sales skills. 

This week we have a brand new challenge, with the goal of getting rid of distractions.

If this is the first time you have seen this, GenY Alive will be creating simple challenges that create positive results in your daily life. This is the nudge you need to take the small steps towards living a more positive life. I recommend that you try the challenge for at least 7 days, but it is up to you how long you want to continue.

Listen to yourself and be aware of how these challenges affect other aspects of your life. If you see value in continuing, great! If not, then you will have stepped outside your comfort zone and learned something new. Either way, you win.

If you haven’t signed up for challenges yet, go here. Otherwise good luck, keep your mind open, and enjoy!

So let’s get to the challenge…


Problem: Distractions from technology, the internet, friends, apps, etc. All because of the phone we have so close to us most of the time. Everyone acknowledges that this a problem (I admit I get distracted!) but very few people try to create a solution within their lives.

The days can quickly become wastelands when you waste time with technology. And their has been fortunes and companies built on the temptation of distraction (ex. Supercell).

When you get distracted, even for a minute or two, it takes you out of “zone” and it can take exponentially more time to regain your focus and your thought process.

It gets harder and harder to get REAL work done when we are constantly distracted by the smallest things. Let’s do something about it…

Simple solution: Eliminate the source of distraction. Create a smartphone refuge.

Although distractions can originate from many other sources (people, computer, tv, etc.) we are going to focus on our smartphones.


The Challenge: Turn you phone off or put it away for (at least) 1-2 hours/day. If you want more of a challenge, or you already turn yours off for an hour or two, increase the total amount of time.

I admit I am used to having my phone near me for most of the time. I imagine it will take some discipline to ignore it for a 2-4 hours (my personal goal).

Remember, we use to not have continual access to the internet 10-15 years ago. We don’t need it.

Use the refuge time to work on your most creative and difficult project. You will not be distracted, so use this time to make progress on something that takes more focus,more brain power.

Don’t use this time to work on small tasks, like answering emails or working on quickbooks. You will regret “wasting” your focus on less important things.

What I will be working on:

Using that time to work on a new group/community. Before it is announced, I need to put my creative energy into creating the right systems and experience. I would consider this my most important work right now.


Side note:

If you can go the whole work day without any distraction, go for it! It is obviously the ultimate goal and the benefits should be very clear.

Potential side benefit:

Reminding yourself that you don’t need your phone near you constantly.


Enjoy your challenge. Let’s get to work!

– Grant Pettegrew


P.s. Let me know how the challenge is going.  I like to hear feedback.

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