Challenge: Handwriting Marketing Copy

Last challenge, we got up an hour earlier to (immediately) begin working on our passion project. 

If this is the first time you have seen this, GenY Alive will be creating simple challenges that create positive results in your daily life. This is the nudge you need to take the small steps towards living a more positive life. I recommend that you try the challenge for at least 7 days, but it is up to you how long you want to continue.

Listen to yourself and be aware of how these challenges affect other aspects of your life. If you see value in continuing, great! If not, then you will have stepped outside your comfort zone and learned something new. Either way, you win.

If you haven’t signed up for challenges yet, go here. Otherwise good luck, keep your mind open, and enjoy!

So let’s get to the challenge…


Problem: Being able to effective communicate your product/services value and persuade a prospect to purchase the solution you provide or simply take the next action step. Completing this via the written word is even more powerful, as you don’t have to trade time with money.

Simple solution: In-grain the style and techniques into our brains by using an old-school technique.


The Challenge: Handwrite (copy) 3 DR (direct response) sales letters.

This idea, to give credit, came from marketing genius Dan Kennedy. He is one of the top compensated marketing consultants and copywriters in the world. He says that handwriting someone else letters allows your brain to understand the rhythm of DR letters better. You will begin to recognize commonalities of top sales letters and key action phrases that you can then implement with your own business.

Although the idea of handwriting multiple pages sounds a tad tedious, the benefit will be worth it. Remember, challenges are suppose to take you outside your comfort zone. We spend so much time on our computers/phones that handwriting anything will immediately place the project in a different spot in our mind.

I understand that not everyone would think that this applies to their overall goal/business. But I would strongly disagree. You need the ability to sell your services/products in multiple mediums. This includes in person, via letter, on the phone, and via video (which is just a sales letter spoken).

And if you have a job, as opposed to your own business, you need to recognize that you are selling your services to your employer. Being able to communicate your value, overcome objections, and eventually get your prospect to take action is a universally transferrable skill that will serve you the rest of your life.

DR sales letters and copywriting is a perfect place to start.

RESOURCE: The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy (mentioned earlier). I have read this multiple times and I believe it should be on every marketer/entrepreneur’s bookshelf.


What I will be working on:

Recognizing key phrases, spacing, and simplicity of language.

DR letters are commonly recognized as “simple” writing. The reason for the this is intentional and simple. It needs to sound like you are talking to the person reading.

I would like to better understand that line of effective conversational copy and just poor english.


Side note: All sales letters and techniques need to have the highest integrity. No snake oil salesman. No lying about the product or deceiving the customer with overly outrageous claims. But we can a should use proven techniques that better help our clients.  DR sales letters can be and are effective with quality products.

Potential side benefit: Creating a new marketable skill. Copywriters are always in demand…


Enjoy your challenge. Let’s get to work!

– Grant Pettegrew


P.s. Let me know how the challenge is going.  I like to hear feedback.

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