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You can always find value in reflection/reviewing. As John C. Maxwell  said in his “How successful people grow” book, “Learning to pause allows growth to catch up with you.”

So as a follow up to the challenge last week, let’s take a brief amount of time to review.

Last week, I started the challenge of getting up 1 hour earlier than normal and begin working on a passion or the project that has been put offfor some amount of the time. The simple ideas was to create “no excuse” time to begin moving forward immediately. Hopefully this would help breakthrough the constant procrastination that occurs.

So how did it go?

In a word, well. I was waking up at 5am instead of 6am and it wasn’t a big deal energy wise. It was nice to get to work right away and know exactly what I was doing when I woke up. No indecision or time wasting. The general feeling of being more productive is slightly addicting.

And with that time I was definitely moving forward with my project. I was able to get a decent amount done, with only breaks for coffee. So the purpose of the challenge was achieved.  By the time my day would have normally started, I had accomplished a respectable amount.

But let’s move to the negative portion. Although I did move forward with my work, it was not the most productive I have felt. My brain was still waking up and it took a little while to feel like I was even functioning at 75%. Throw in the bright computer screen only minutes after waking up and my brain was definitely shocked.

Knowing that the brain is most functional a couple hours after waking, this makes total sense. The brain is transitioning from it’s rest/dream/REM state to processing information and creative thoughts. And the computer screen didn’t do any help. It takes time to get going.

And finally I want to mention an added bonus I noticed. There was a general feeling of accomplishment created by the challenge that carried throughout my day. I started my day with a win and it helped me with all my other tasks. This is probably more valuable than anything else. The momentum created by this challenge likely boosted the work I was doing at 10am, 3pm, etc.

Overall, the benefits outweighed the negatives. And on a final note, I want to remind you and selfishly myself that you can ALWAYS find time to work on that passion project. If it means enough to you, you can and will prioritize the time. The mornings are great because you won’t be distracted or tempted to procrastinate. You just wake up and get going.

So will I continue? Yes! With some small tweaks…

– I would work on simple tasks, not the MOST important/creative task.

– I would avoid phones/computers for at least 15-30 minutes. So instead, I would choose to handwrite something in a journal/task list or read. This would be a good warm-up before any technology work.

Up next, new challenge coming in the next couple days. This on is based around marketing, selling, and committing to an “old-school” process. This will be valuable regardless of your job, industry, or current position. Keep your eyes open.


Let’s get to work,

– Grant Pettegrew


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