Best Articles for Gen Y – 5/15/15

Starting off the weekend right…

GenYAlive wants to lead millennials to the best info out there. We will provide links to articles, books, podcast, etc., helping you sort through the junk. Enjoy.


Forbes on Disney

Disney Spent $15 Billion to Limit Their Audience

Disney Parks Are Using Familiar Technology To Shape The Future

Disney is Hollywood’s Most Profitable Movie Studio

Disney is a powerhouse. A good way to spend your time is to discover how Disney really became DISNEY and how they operate their business today.  Their attention to detail and focus on the customer experience is incredible.


Trick Your Brain Out of Distraction – Business Insider

Simple article on how positive focus and not focusing on the short term reward can be valuable.


No Excuses: The Power of Unsettling, Risk Taking, and Dream Chasing – Elite Daily

Re-affirm your choice to do something different.


Enjoy. And read up on Disney.


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