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Millennial Entrepreneur and creator of He is passionate about helping other Gen Y entrepreneurs.

Would you appreciate some transparency? Would you appreciate the straight truth?

As you may have found out about me, I have built a few businesses over the past few years. And If there is one thing I am sure of, it’s that you can learn as much from the struggles than the successes, if not more. Therefore I am introducing a new series of posts/articles entitled “Behind the curtain.”

This will give you a clearer look at the process of building GenYAlive. Although, I don’t plan on sharing EVERYTHING,  I will attempt to provide valuable information (thoughts, plan, #’s, etc) that you may not normally see and I believe would be helpful.

So I’ll split these posts into things I’m working on, what I’m struggling with, results etc.



What I am working on right now:

I am building a solid base of info, articles, podcasts, and more. The site needs to have some “meat” on it before any kind of serious promotion push is started.

In my last business I started (home service), I was too eager at the beginning and I wasted time and money by advertising and promoting too early. The end result was an overloaded schedule, with undertrained employees, and inconsistent service. Ironically, my desire to get moving quickly actually slowed me down in the long run, because I had to go back and fix the problems caused while completing the daily operations.

If I were to go back and change it, I would invest my time in money in training, ensuring the service was consistent, and the systems fully set up. I would have been able to grow faster and move quicker.

So, with that thought in mind, I am re-running systems and creating a overall better web environment for before any hard promotions are created. I am still excited to begin promoting it, but I feel like I have a more mature perspective this time around. I am confident this will help future readers and GenYAlive Insiders.

Just this week I have:

  • Posted our first podcast
  • Bought some engagement software (qzzr) that should create a more dynamic experience
  • Written multiple articles
  • Shot, produced, edited, and posted the first HD video (many more to come)

What I am struggling with:

Time blocking.

In my perfect world, I time block the day. I write down what I am going to do each hour. Ex.

  • 7am-8am – Write 1 article
  • 8am-9:30 – Video recording
  • 9:30-10am – Food break
  • 10am-12noon – Video editing
  • 12noon-2pm – Phone calls with clients and potential contributors
  • etc.


I am not used to the “ebbs and flows” to all the content creation and operations of a project like GenYAlive. Throw in the fact that I am not yet efficient at most of these tasks either and my day is easily slipping away from me.

This is a dangerous time for me personally. If I get lazy with time management now, it will carry into the future. I still need to be diligent and intentional with my time, even if I get frustrated with how long things are taking! And the ultimate goal for GenYAlive is to have new content daily from multiple authors/sources, so I need to have airtight organization on my side or I will never be able to get there.

I am confident I will become more efficient at both tasks completion and blocking out the appropriate amount of time soon. I just need to work through that initial struggle. It feels like I am not getting as much done as I need to.  This is just what happens when you start a new business.

Let’s get to work,

– Grant Pettegrew




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