Best Articles for Millennials 6/27/15

Summer is a great time to learn. The days are longer, you have more energy, the sunlight makes you happier. Take those good feelings and invest them in learning. Pick up a new book this weekend, start a challenging new hobby, ready these few articles, and of course, enjoy!


24 Daily Habits That Will Make You Smarter – BI

Fun infographic on ways to improve yourself daily. Maybe don’t go for all 24 at once. Personally, I would recommend taking on 1 a week. Much like challenge club…


6 Essentials to a Good Life – Success 

An old Jim Rohn article/recommendation. I strongly urge you to read his writing. In a word, timeless.


How to Answer Nasty, Scathing Emails – Forbes

We have all been here. Great advice on taking the high ground.  Email can be a very dangerous battleground. Please read if you constantly communicate via email. (Which is pretty much all of us, right?)


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