Best Articles for Millennials 6/12/15

Light content week at Gen Y Alive. Planning for some BIG changes that are going to be very beneficial for all. So the focus has been on that for sure…

But that doesn’t mean we can’t recommend a few articles to lead you into a great weekend. Read these, then read a book. Just keep learning.


9 Brilliant Business Books You Can Read In An Afternoon – BI

Ignore the title.  I wouldn’t recommend reading that many books in such a short period. You need time to digest and apply the information learned. HOWEVER, I just want to encourage you to read and improve yourself as much as possible, so hopefully you take the opportunity to read at least 1 on this list.


Master in Business Podcast – Bloomberg

I haven’t listene to all these, but I recommend finding topic/person that interests you.  Podcasts, in general, are a great way to turn normally unproductive time into learning time.


7 Ways To Increase Your Charisma – Entrepreneur

Our personal skills should always be worked on and refined. Here is a decent place to start.




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