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This may be the best article/resource of the year…

Normally, I post multiple articles giving you plenty of options to read, think about, and dive into. This is designed to help you sort through the junk in the internet out there and get you to read only quality material.

Well I found a gem, and there is very little reading here. It is an image that will show you the importance of strategic planning, cross selling, and creating multiple properties and sources of income that cross traditional barriers.

The article below will show you the 1957 strategy of the mouse house itself, Disney.

Walt Disney’s Strategy In 1957 Drawing – Business Insider Article

I recommend you print it out, study it and hang it up for you to reference at any time.

Ignore the 1957 media like 16mm films, and think about the complex strategy that evolved into one of todays most admired, and successful businesses. If you can’t tell, I love Disney as a business and it’s amazing to see this strategy laid out.

And I can guarantee you that there is a similar strategy, visually laid out in Disney headquarters today.

What you should take home:

1. Strategy over tactics.

The secret to their success wasn’t “Facebook advertising'” or some other time-relevant shiny object. They developed a strategy to create, advertise, develop, leverage, and monetize their creative properties. Create a world like “Beauty and Beast” with rich character like Belle and Gaston and BOOM, insert home into the machine. They instantly have content for film, music, magazine, TV, etc, and can use the characters to sell merchandise, disneyland passes, art, etc.


2. Complex is good. And hard to replicate.

It may be tempting to keep things simple, and there may be times when that is the prudent business decision; however, the complexity and amount of work that goes into the model is what creates a competitive barrier around Disney. It is very hard to replicate. Even for large companies of today. Think about Dreamworks. They create similar characters for the same audience, yet they cannot capitalize and create the amount of reach that Disney can. And for them to create a similar empire would take years and years and TON of money. Disney can show their competitors what their strategy is and it wouldn’t even matter. That’s a true competitive advantage.


WOW is all I can say. Go Disney.


Let’s get to work and try to do even a little of what they’re doing,

– Grant Pettegrew



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