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Welcome to GenYAlive.com. The place where Generation Y can connect, improve themselves and their businesses, and gain focus on their next big project. If you have the desire to create value in the world and autonomy for yourself, this is the website for you.

This is an exciting time for GenY’rs/Millennials, as we are just beginning to discover how to create a career that is exciting and rewarding. But unfortunately, not everyone “on-board” with millennials. Personally, I am sick of hearing Generation Y (or Millennials) are terrible. Aren’t you?

In talking with friends, colleagues, and mentors, our generation has been misplaced by the general consensus. The generation I know is strongly motivated to create something special for themselves and their community.

This site is here because I believe in creating a positive arena to encourage our generation’s next projects. If you want to know more about my story, you can find it here. I also encourage you to share your story, as we can all learn from each other. Tweet @GenYAlive or @GrantPettegrew.

What you should know is that I am confident (and so should you) that we, Gen Y, will succeed in creating the lifestyle we desire, by creating value for others in our own unique way. However we define success differently by not relying on stigmas of the past to create ruts for us. What you should know is that we, and specifically you as the curious person reading this, has the potential to create a life that is completely defined by you. It’s why I am so excited about this project.

Why do I believe this? Millennials have 7 fundamental attributes that will carry us through the rough patches/struggles and allow us to grow and succeed. Cue the list.

1. True Passion

Work is not just about for money for us. For the first time, a generation is interested in finding, creating, and expanding on their passion. A true passion will create value for consumers and create innovations in thought and industry.

What we need to continue focus on is creating value with our passions. If we can accomplish this, our business will exponentially grow.

2. Love of Learning

Education and growth don’t stop after college or high school. We understand that personal growth should be continual throughout life. The brain continues to evolve as we grow older as the neural pathways are consistently firing and expanding (Read “Buddha’s Brain” by Rick Hanson for more info.)

We learn for growth.

We learn for fun.

We learn to better understand and connect with those around us.

Whether it is a blog, a book, an e-course, a language class, or something else, we embrace learning and improvement as an essential portion of life.

3. Love of Connecting

Continuing with our love of learning, we love to learn from people and with people. Humans of New York is born from a love of photography and connecting together. It is the based on the incredible stories found within the people of New York City

And these unique stories that are hidden right in front of us,, whether they are captured in photography or not, can teach us lessons that will serve us for the rest of our lives.

Most pundits point to social media as proof of our generation connecting. However, it is something more. It is a desire to better understand the people that we share experience with.

This perspective creates a different value system which guides us to make different decisions than the generation before us. And this value system will create a different style of business and entrepreneurism.  Our ability to and love of connecting helps us lead others into the modern world

4. Willing to Fail

Although no one wants to fail, our willingness to take our “lumps” and grow from it allow us to progress as entrepreneurs and as people.

From challenge comes growth. From difficulties come progress.

I have experience with a failed business. It was not fun. But the ability to look back and discover what I did wrong and what I would do different in the future will make me better for the future.

Gen Y embraces new experiences and understands that not all experiences will be successes. We will try, we will fail, but we will eventually breakthrough.

5. Perspective of the Project

One project, one job, one business may not last forever. And we are content with that! It used to be that you would have to work for the same company, the same industry for 30+years with very little growth or movement. And that was just the way it was.

Not anymore.

Because of our passion, our willingness to fail and our love of learning, we are taking on new projects without the ball and chain of a “normal job.”

We tackle projects quickly and decisively, allowing us to progress quicker than a “normal” career would.

Once a project is completed or taken as far as we personal can take it, we have the ability to quickly pivot into our next project. This flexibility creates speed within the business world like never before. Combine it with the improvement of technology and we are able to leap forward at exponential rates.

Think about how fast companies can now go from struggling to profitable. Or from a 6 figure valuation to 9 figure. It’s our ability to pivot and move forward quickly.

Our decisive nature and perspective of our personal projects will allow to tackle multiple businesses and industries throughout our careers.

6. The Knowledge of Value and Experience

Products and businesses are changing for the better as price is no longer the most important factor in deciding a product. And millennials are on the frontline of this change.  A majority of the consumer base is rapidly changing its evaluation process of how to spend their money, and this majority will only be increasing in the future…

Consumers are prioritizing

  • unique value
  • experience
  • quality
  • independent personality .

This subject is suited for an entire book, but the main point is to realize now is that Millennials are prepared to capitalize on the change. We focus our businesses on the above descriptions and capitalize on the growing market that will follow.

7. Unbound by Traditional Limitations

The barriers of entry to starting a business used to be so unnervingly high that most adventurous souls would be so discouraged that they either would NEVER take that first step, or it would take years and years before they muster up the resources (money, connections, etc.) and the courage.

Well today those limitations, those walls, are virtually non-existant. The internet and primarily the user interfaces of most software is becoming very easy to learn and use, allowing you to start your project today. Literally today! You can have your website up and running in under an hour. Crazy.

Whether it is a blog, community, product, or something else, you can make the first step today. From there you can grow it into what YOU want.

– A lifestyle business with a full time income that you fully own and control.

– A passion project with a part time income

– A fully delegated business with multiple employees that runs without you being present

– A growth focused, multi-round VC/angel investor funded company with the goals of being publicly traded

– Or anything in-between these!

You can design your project into what you want. I have done it myself and I would love for you do it too.

So once again, welcome to GenYAlive.com. Learn more about what is and will be available on this site and how it can help you. I encourage you to get involved with our community too. Tweet me @GenYAlive or @GrantPettegrewand tell me what project you are working on. It would be great to hear what people are passionate about.

If you want to discover the how I grew my business 451% in middle the recession and the business framework I still use to this day, to then join GenYAlive Insiders (free to join) and receive your report today. It is designed purposely to be digested more slowly than a traditional blog post, therefore it will.  So it is presented as such. Enjoy.

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