6 Habits I Wish I Would Have Started Earlier

Our habits define us.

Daily habits are not just weekday habits. They are everyday routines that are always done, irrelevant to where you are or what you are doing. Steady progress creates unstoppable momentum. And daily habits create your steady progress. What would your business look like if you created REAL momentum.

If you are serious about progressing forward and improving, you NEED to develop positive daily routines that help you.

Here are 6 I wish I would have developed earlier, because if I would have, I firmly believe I would have made twice the progress in my businesses. But oh well, the best you and I can do is start today. (just don’t push it to tomorrow)

  1. One Progress Task: What do you really want to achieve? More money? More fans? Then do 1 thing everyday that moves you towards your ultimate goals. If you want more money, design a habit that moves you towards more sales and profits, every day. That could be reaching out to 1 more prospect, sending 1 more email, or something else.  That constant steady progress is exponentially more valuable then 1 day of hard work. Remember, it creates unstoppable momentum.
  2. Exercise/Activity: Exercise improves functionality and performance. Keeping your body sharp will keep your mind sharp. Multiple studies have proven that test scores and comprehension increase after a bout of exercise. If you want to maximize your daily potential, exercise is a key ingredient.
  3. Contemplate/Meditate: Take the time to mentally recharge, disconnect, and let your brain process the information you provided it. This is crucial time for mental development and can create surprise breakthroughs. This can be meditation, prayer, quiet time, or even a solo walk around your neighborhood.  Steve Jobs routinely took walks to help him think, process, and brainstorm. Be intentional with your rest: Review your day, goals, successes, failures. Your next step may become clear sooner that you think.
  4. Write: Regardless of industry, writing out your thoughts is an excellent way. Obviously if you have a blog, or you are an author then daily writing is very applicable and can also be applied to your progress task completion. It will help you better communicate your ideas and the value you provide to your clients. But even if you don’t need to write for your position, writing will help you flesh out, develop ideas, and take them to that next level, much like contemplation/meditation. If you feel like your ideas are only at the surface level, writing can be the catalyst. Write. Read what you wrote. Take it one step further. Repeat.
  5. Read: Challenge yourself by reading daily. According to a 2014 study, 42% of college students will never read a book again! These are those with higher education.  Every day that you read and improve yourself, you are getting ahead of others. If you follow any in depth reports on successful entrepreneurs and business men, 99+% ready constantly. As Tony Robbins says, ” Success leaves clues.” Books, by the way, can be more than clues. They can be maps to follow.
  6. Gratitude: Improve your well-being and your outlook on your business by just including daily gratitude in your life. You can be thankful for what you have, the opportunities presented to you, or the people who are helping you. Think about it: We get follow our passions, help those around us, and have the opportunity to make a living doing it. We are very privileged to have these opportunities. Take the time to look around your life and be grateful for what is around you.  The tough parts will get easier and the smaller wins will look larger. So don’t forget to enjoy this!

FYI: These tasks can be combined, thus saving you time. For example, you can mediate while also expressing gratitude. Or read while you exercise. Etc.

Daily tasks such as these places you in the right mindset and keeps you on track throughout the week, allowing you to accomplish the important tasks related to you individual businesses. It’s a challenge to implement, but one worth taking on.

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